Get a Sneak Peek inside Sari's 
6 week Online Trial College

For the first time ever, Sari is letting people see inside a portion of the course - a section on how she helps attorneys put together an effective voir dire - for free.

What's the catch?

Well in exchange for just an email (you can opt-out at any time) and one simple question (to help her with upcoming topics to discuss), you can view a section of the class and get the pdf guide.

Other than that there's nothing to purchase (unless you want to).

Get Sari's Unique 
Step-by-Step Guide 
to Voir Dire 

Do you understand the juror mindset and how to increase receptivity at trial?

Do you know how to develop an ideal juror profile and how to use it to help you design your voir dire?
(The juror profile we're talking about here isn’t based on demographics)

Are you able to effectively deal with defense arguments in voir dire?

With this guide you’ll learn to:

Utilize storytelling in voir dire to engage jurors 
(and not get in trouble with the judge)

Develop a compelling juror profile that 
you can use in an upcoming case 
(and see inside a real case example)

Neutralize defense arguments that could 
kill your case

Design questions that elicit crucial 
information from jurors

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